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Spa Heater 11kw

The Spa Heater is a great way to enjoy your hot tub all year round. Its thermostat is specifically designed for hot tubs and is installed in the pipeline of your Jacuzzi. When you add hot water to your bath, the pump will start, and the thermostat will automatically heat the water to maintain your desired temperature

The Spa Heater is also voltage and power compatible with most standard hot tubs. It features an automatic heating function that will turn the heater on and off as needed to maintain the preset temperature.

The heater is also a great choice for massage pools and hot springs. It can be used as an assistant for a heat pump in heating, and its latest constant temperature controller and temperature sensor make it a more reliable and durable option than traditional magnetic flow switches.

If you’re looking for a quality spa heater that will keep your Jacuzzi warm and inviting all winter long, the Spa Heater 11kw is a great option to consider.

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