Pool heater

Nexus Engineering has a best solution of swimming pool & spa heating system, we can provide brands like Astral, Elecro, Audsun. Add to your comfort and extend your swimming season with one of our energy-efficient and reliable heaters and heat pumps. Heat pump technology has been widely adopted in the pool consumers due to its significant cost savings. In fact, most pool heat pumps can save owners 75% or more in heating costs.

Swimming Pool and Spa Heater

Nexus Engineering deals with all kinds of pool heaters available at competitive pricing. Whether it’s about heating the water or creating an ideal environment inside your spa or hot tub, our team is ready to help you achieve what you want!
We have provided hundreds of commercial and residential pool heating systems before, and we know what customers need from a perfect swimming area. Our team will guide you through the buying process to help you select the best swimming pool heater for your unique requirements. We offer a wide range of equipment which includes gas or electric heater for both indoor and outdoor heating purposes!
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