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5 Best Sand Pool Filter to Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear

A sand pool filter is a type of filtration device commonly used for pools to remove dirt, particles, and pollutants. It is made out of a tank filled with carefully graded sand that serves as the filtration medium. It has a maintenance procedure that helps in the preservation of the filter’s efficiency and performance.

In the following, we have answered the most popular queries: how the sand filter works, what is the best sand pool filter in Karachi, and where to find the best sand pool filter in Karachi.

How Does a Sand Pool Filter Function?

A sand pool filter removes debris and contaminants from pool water by using a layer of specially graded sand as a sifting media. Here’s a quick rundown of how the sand filter system works:

Step 1- Filtration: It occurs when pool water reaches the filter tank and travels through the sand bed. The particle sizes of the sand fluctuate, with the coarsest sand at the top of the pile and the finest sand at the bottom. Water particles and debris become stuck in the gaps between the sand grains when it passes through the sand bed.

Step 2 – Filtration Efficiency: The composition and grading of the sand are intended to trap particles of varying sizes, such as dirt, leaves, hair, and other contaminants. Larger material becomes stuck near the sand bed’s surface, while tiny particles sink down into the sand.

Step 3 -Clarification: As the water passes through the sand, it gets cleaner. The sand filter effectively removes pollutants, resulting in clearer and cleaner swimming water.

Step 4 – Backwashing: It occurs when trapped debris collects in the sand bed, resulting in decreased filtration efficiency. The sand filter must be backwashed on a regular basis to maintain its maximum efficiency. The flow of water is reversed during this operation, and clean water is fed through the filter tank in the other direction. The trapped debris is dislodged and flushed out by the reverse flow, which is carried out through a disposal line.

Step 5 – Rinse Cycle: Following backwashing, the filter undergoes a rinse cycle. During this phase, the water travels downhill through the sand bed, resettling it and removing any remaining dirt or loose sand particles.

Step 6 – Return to Filtration: When the backwashing and rinse cycles are finished, the filter returns to filtration mode, and pure water flows back into the pool.

The 5 Best Sand Filter in Karachi:

1) The Hayward S270T ProSeries Sand Filter:

This one is well-known for its long life and effective filtering. It has a corrosion-resistant tank, a multiport valve on the top for convenient operation, and a huge capacity to accommodate high flow rates.


  • It offers high durability with a corrosion-resistant tank
  • It has the best filtration system
  • It contains a multiport valve on the top for simple operation
  • It is suitable for larger pools


  • The pricing is higher when compared to other sand filters.
  • Due to its size and intricacy, it may necessitate professional installation.

2) Pentair 145322 Sand Dollar Filter:

This sand filter offers excellent performance and value for money. It has a durable and corrosion-resistant tank, a six-function multiport valve for versatile control, and a compact design that fits well in tight spaces.


  • Highly durable, so excellent value for money
  • It has a corrosion resistance tank
  • It is best suited for smaller pools
  • It has a multiport valve with six functions for maximum control


  • Doesn’t work for pools with larger sizes and high-flow rates
  • It has been reported to have some issues with the valve functioning.

3)  Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump:

This sand filter pump is designed for above-ground pools and offers efficient filtration as well as simple operation. It has a six-function control valve, a strong pump with a built-in timer, and an easy-to-clean strainer basket.


  • Budget-friendly option for pools that are above the ground
  • It has a structured filtration process for clean water
  • Simple operation with a fixed timer.
  • Control valve with six functions for simple maintenance.


  • Not as long-lasting or sturdy as some higher-end filters.
  • Not appropriate for in-ground or larger pools.
  • Need frequent maintenance

4)  Jandy JS Sand Filter:

This type of sand filter is well-known for its durability and dependability. It has a heavy-duty tank design, a multiport valve on the side for simple access, and a wide drain plug for easy sand replacement.


  • It possesses a heavy tank that offers durability.
  • For easy access, it contains a multiport valve on the side
  • Clear water and effective filtration.
  • Large drain plug allows for convenient sand replacement.


  • When compared to other filters, it is relatively more expensive.
  • Professional installation is required for proper setup.
  • Certain regions may have limited availability.

5) XtremepowerUS 16″ Sand Filter:

Designed for modest to medium-sized pools, this sand filter provides excellent filtration while remaining affordable. It has an anti-corrosion tank, a seven-position multiport valve, and an easy-to-install and maintain design.


  • Budget-friendly choice for small to medium-sized swimming pools
  • It contains a corrosion-resistant tank
  • For simple operation, it contains a seven-position multiport valve
  • Best option for small in-ground and above-ground pools.


  • Doesn’t work well for bigger size pools with high-flow rates
  • It needs more maintenance than other pool filters
  • It has been reported to have sand leakage and valve function problems

What is the best sand filter for above ground pool in Karachi?

The Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump is a common pick for the best sand filter pump for above ground pool.

Replacement sand for pool filter:

When changing the sand in the swimming pool filter, use #20 silica sand, which is specifically intended for pool filtration. Sharp edges on this sand effectively capture and remove dirt from the water. To determine the right quantity of sand for your filter, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a pool professional. To maintain effective filtration, change the sand every five to seven years or as needed. Before adding new sand, thoroughly clean and wash the filter tank. If you are doubtful, consult with a pool specialist to verify the proper replacement process. Regular sand replacement is required to keep pool water clean and healthy.


Whether you own a pool at home or for commercial use, having a sand pool filter is necessary to keep your pool clean. At Nexus Engineering, you can get all types of pool filters as well as other supporting equipment to keep your pool fresh and clean.

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